Milan Zeleny in Pictures

Authentic images depict the varied life of the globetrotter Milan Zeleny. From early childhood, life in exile, working visits at foreign universities, the trips around Asia, India or South America until home photos from Blatensko in Southern Bohemia, where he occasionally spends time dedicated to growing flowers and breeding peacocks.

Global Professors are always emerging,
they never become 

Of life

Celebration Jubilee

On the occasion of the Professor Milan Zeleny significant life Jubilee organized his friends, entrepreneurs and pupils unusual conference exchange of views from the world of business:

Expedition Batayporá: In search of Jan A. Bata

The ZET Foundation management in search of Jan A. Bata in Brazil (June, 2015). Four cities, Paraná bridge and many production facilities. How was Jan A. Bata re-charging Brazil? What heritage he left in Brazil (fully functional, even today)? More about the Brazil trip in report of the Milan Zeleny in Czech.


Therefore, in prof. Zeleny´s Castanea, the strategy of the First Step was initiated. First, you plant a tree. Then you evaluate induced deformation of the environment, and plant a bush, perhaps; next comes the path, pergola, pond, etc. Similarly for your corporation: it is necessary to make the first step, monitor how the created environment fits the evolving economic surroundings. At each step we produce the balance between the inner (created) and outer environment. Do not be afraid of the first step! Every large, self-sufficient and self producing garden starts with planting the first tree…